Portrait of photographer Philip Hartley
Philip Hartley (BA Hons photography)
This is me. I could have gone for the classic 'camera in front of the face' pose that photographers love to pull, but when I turn up at a job it's quite nice to know who you're dealing with. Also, when I'm taking your picture you don't get to hide behind a big camera, so it's only fair really.
I take pictures of people. Depending on the client sometimes they are famous people or models but mostly they are amazing, shy, nervous, self conscious everyday humans.
How do I take these lovely people and make them look fabulous? It's simple really. I love people and just put myself in their shoes. It can be a scary thing having your picture taken and I get that, so I plan my shots and try and make it as fun as possible.
I can't strip down an engine or fly a plane but I have spent my entire working life being obsessed by all aspects of photography.
I have an honours degree in photography and have been a full time freelance photographer for the last 14 years. Prior to that I was a staff photographer for a photographic agency. Before that I was chief photographer for a newspaper completing assignments for five titles and running the picture desk.
I live and breathe this stuff and would love to hear about your projects and the images you need. Get in touch and let me tell your story in pictures.