Changing perceptions through images


If you google 'Autism' and hit images you don't find much. You see lots of illustrations and a tiny percentage of positive images. I'm really proud of the work I do for Autism Wessex as there is a real need for more understanding about this developmental disability. I love this image as it communicates the relationship between worker and service user so succinctly. Creating this and other images like it is a challenge that I love but a challenge non the less. Most of my lifestyle work is planned and set up so a days shoot flows smoothly from one location to the next. Working with Autism Wessex I soon discovered that this approach was not going to work. I couldn't call the shots and had to fit around everyone else's schedule. Which actually has been really great as it means you can't rely on what usually works and pushes you to work in a new way. You are constantly learning with this job and that is part of what makes it so much fun.

Philip Hartley is a full-time professional photographer with a degree in art photography and nearly 20 years experience working as a press, magazine and lifestyle photographer in London and the South. His unique style is highly sought after for editorial and commercial photography commissions.