At the beach with chef Gill Meller

Sometimes jobs come in that are a dream come true and this was one of those jobs. I get a call one dull Monday morning asking if I would be free to photograph river cottage chef Gill Meller in the next couple of weeks. The brief was to meet Gill at a beach in Dorset, catch some fish and then cook that fish on the beach. Would I? Let me take a nano second to think about that. I called up Gill and arranged a time when the weather looked okay and off I went. Now magazines run a long time in advance so even though this is the August issue I shot this job in May. Luckily the weather gods where on our side and we had a fantastic morning. We cooked three different dishes and sat in the sun on a school day eating amazing food while the rest of the world went about it's business. The hard part is then waiting for the story to come out in the magazine. So if your in a newsagent grab a copy of the August issue of Countryfile to read in Gills words what happened that day.

Philip Hartley is a full-time professional photographer with a degree in art photography and nearly 20 years experience working as a press, magazine and lifestyle photographer in London and the South. His unique style is highly sought after for editorial and commercial photography commissions.