Through the square window.

I like it when an image appears to be something it's not. I spend my life making things look far simpler than they are in reality. In this image I have two lights on the talent, one off camera to the left and one directly behind her. There wasn't enough room to put up my stand so the light is precariously balancing on a box in a corner of the room. Why use the lights? Well the simple answer is to be able to see the talent. The studio had only small bulbs lighting it and from outside they weren't strong enough in the daytime to be of any use. For an even exposure you have to balance the light so I need the strength of light to match that of the outside daylight.

Philip Hartley is a full-time professional photographer with a degree in art photography and nearly 20 years experience working as a press, magazine and lifestyle photographer in London and the South. His unique style is highly sought after for editorial and commercial photography commissions.