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Look amazing in your headshots - Top 5 tips

In our increasingly connected digital world it is more important than ever to have a professional headshot. Your CV, linkedIn page and all your other social media accounts could all benefit from a professional headshot. So why doesn't everyone have an up to date headshot ready to go? One reason. People hate having their photograph taken, it's that simple. I photograph hunderds of people each year and it's always during a headshot session that people tell me how much they hate it. So with that in mind let me give you five tips to help you have the best experience on your headshot session.

Think about what you are going to wear.

My advice here is don't wear black. It's so important I'll say it again, DON"T WEAR BLACK. Yes I know black is chic and slimming and generally wonderful in the real world but on camera it absorbs light and does nothing for your skin tones. Yes some people can pull it off but they are the exception to the rule. DON"T WEAR BLACK

Stand tall.

This seems really obvious right?

People who don't like being in front of the camera try and be a small as possible.

Fight this urge take a deep breath and look straight ahead.

I will talk you through the whole process so try and relax and I'll guide you on how to stand for the best results.

Think about your look. If it can be combed, cut, plucked or shaved do it before you get to your session.

With or without glasses?

Is this facial hair a new thing or are you okay with this look for a least the next year.

Make sure you shave before the session if that's your look.

If you are wearing jewelery keep it simple.

Is my look neutral?

Think about where this headshot is going to be used and how long it will be around for.

T-shirts look casual, shirts look smart casual and shirt and tie look smart/business.

Patterns can be distracting, go for block colour.

Wear something that is appropriate for the position you are representing,

Trust your photographer.

I get that you hate it, I really do but I want you to love your photographs.

I have been doing this a while so if I sense that you are less than confident I will give you a little direction.

What am I saying, everyone gets a bit of direction.

The trick is just go with it! Yes it feels weird but just give it a try.

So to recap.

Plan your look.


Don't wear black.

This is not a Christmas jumper situation wear something that you will still like in a year.

Trust your photographer.

Philip Hartley is a full-time professional photographer with a degree in art photography and over 20 years experience working as a lifestyle, editorial and advertising photographer across the South of England. His unique style is highly sought after for editorial and commercial photography commissions.


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