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ABOUT,editorial and advertising-photographer-dorset
Philip Hartley (BA Hons photography)

I'm Philip and Philip Hartley photography is all about creating images for your company that communicate why you are so amazing at what you do. Most of the companies I work with don't sell a product they sell a service and even the ones who do make a product call me to create images of people using and enjoying that product. I'm a people photographer and if you look through the images on this site they are all about capturing the energy of people. From nurses caring for their patients, students on campus, volunteers volunteering and a Duchess dancing they all illustrate the human condition. I love working with people and I love sharing what I have learned over the past 20 years to capture an audience and tell your story. Most of the situations you will see in the gallery pages here did not happen or at least they didn't happen how you may think. Backgrounds have been cleared of clutter, lights have been used to add drama, props have been added, directions have been given and an angle has been chosen that best suits the story we are telling. You wouldn't try and sell your car without giving it a wash and removing the kids junk from the back seat and showcasing your staff and service is no different. I work hard to get the small details right so the viewer can really see why your staff and company are so special.

I have a BA Honours degree in Photography from UCA Farnham and I work for large brands that you will of heard of like John Lewis, BBC, Waitrose, NHS and The Times and many more that you have not. When I am not working I am the bloke you see heading for a swim when everyone else is leaving the beach because it's cold and just starting to rain. I was a boy scout and I can make a fire by rubbing two sticks together and love the outdoors. My kids know how to make a shelter in the woods and are always ready with the marshmallows.
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